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Pranayama II 01-23-2014

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This class includes a practice of ujjayi I and ujjayi IV. We remove the dorsal spine eyewrap and turn the blankets horizontally with the smooth side towards the head and shoulders and keep the blankets underneath head which are higher than shoulder blankets.The edge of the blankets touches the armpits as you use the shoulderblades to move the blankets down the back and roll the biceps roll out. In this way, we practice viloma I and then change to broad blankets for viloma II. These three pranayamas are the core pranayama and we have 3 different blanket folds to work with.

Pranayama class affords those people who are seriously interested in working with breath an opportunity to move beyond the elementary levels that have been incorporated into the regular asana classes. A minimum of one year of study and practice of asana in the Iyengar method is required before practicing Pranayama.
Level II, III, IV classes are for students who have completed the preceding levels. Pranayama with a reputable teacher is highly recommended before purchasing an audio-only download.
John Schumacher Pranayama II
Pranayama II 01-23-2014
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