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Removing the Tensional Armor

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Life is complex.  The activities of life have effects on the physical body.  They can bring tension to the body that we wear like armor.  Our Yoga practice can bring simplicity back into our lives.

Our physical yoga practice helps us maintain our bodies elasticity long into life.  Responding to demands placed on it through diverse situations, the living mind/body system dynamically and intelligently changes.  As we explore movement practices that open and balance the body’s tensions, the body remodels around the requirement of these movements.  If we are sedentary in our working and home lives, our bodies respond by tightening, contracting, and moving towards atrophy.  The physical practice of yoga encourages opening up the body and releasing tension.  As we explore the tensional resistance in the body we begin to realize that its source is not always only physical.  Often it is affected by other layers if our being, particularly the mental realm. If we fail to address other contributing lifestyle factors such as diet and stress, tension and inelasticity may become debilitative.  Through our yoga practice we become more attentive to what is happening within us and meet the tension by facing it without becoming confrontational.

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