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Moksha Yoga Shala

2940 Camino Diablo, Ste. 200
Walnut CreekCalifornia
United States

Shadow Yoga, as developed by yoga master Zhander Remete, makes use of the methods and practices common to classical Hatha Yoga and the self-cultivating arts (both martial and dance). Great importance is placed on preparatory work as the foundation for meaningful progress. Three prelude forms are utilized for training. These forms combine strong stance work with round, spiraling movements, rhythmic breathing, and bandha. This skillful, systematic preparation frees blockage in the Marma System (Vital Junctions), leading to the unobstructed circulation of the life force. This sets the stage for the inner work of asana, mudra, pranayama, and meditation.Emphasis is placed on building the Kanda Shakti (Vital Power) and Jathar Agni (Digestive Fire). Classical Hatha Yoga views the increase and balancing of these energies as instrumental to good health and personal transformation. The term "Shadow" refers to the various bodies, or layers of the human being - physical, energetic, mental/emotional, intellectual, and bliss. Just as a shadow blocks light, these bodies (Koshas) become opaque due to attachment, identification, and stress. This limits and distorts perception (Avidya). Shadow Yoga works to clear obstructions and heal imbalances in these layers, or shadows, in order to awaken the light of discriminative knowing.

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