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To us at Monkey Tree Yoga, the resident howler monkey represents nature and the animals we want to protect in this little spot of paradise in beautiful Nicaragua. The monkey leaping from tree to tree also represents a being perfectly executing a gravity defying action while living the life it was created to live. Does it fear that it won't reach the other branch? Does it worry that it's body is flawed and cannot perform the action for which it was so exquisitely designed? No, the leap out of a "safety zone" is effortless, beautiful and successful.

Us humans were also designed to live a life without limits; to leap, jump and heal, and to perform seemingly miraculous feats of regeneration. Ultimately, we are limitless. We can all take the challenge to live a little bit like the monkey, eager and confident that we too can leap fearlessly from challenge to challenge, knowing that all of our being supports our perfection.

And what is a "Monkey Tree?" For the monkey it is everything. For us it symbolizes the structure that supports the transformation to the balanced and evolving human. Our center at the Laguna de Apoyo in Nicaragua is like the Monkey Tree. It is large and supportive. It provides food, lodging, a bed, shelter and even the road through the often tangled tree of life that our teachers help us navigate. Through this aerial road, we can walk through or jump and almost fly from place to place. We can transform our lives. Monkey Tree represents the structure to support our clients to learn how to fly with joy, peace and ease and become the effortless, unlimited human beings we were so beautifully designed to be.

If you are looking for a retreat where you don’t have to leave the comforts of home behind you, Monkey Tree Yoga is for you. Our beautiful spacious villas feature modern en suite bathrooms, living and seating areas, kitchens, balconies and wifi. No mosquito nets required as this is not a humid environment. Besides swimming in the delightful lake, we have 2 swimming pools. Three onsite restaurants are certain to fulfill all your dietary needs.

Our new cedar floor shala was especially designed with large groups in mind. It is 1500 square feet and can easily accommodate 40 or more people.We also have a large conference room and other creative instruction spaces for pranayama or other classes.

Three on site restaurants for an all inclusive dining experience, including a wood fired pizza oven.
And our on-site Thai Yoga therapist will offer healing body work for our guests as well as classes in Thai Yoga. Every retreat includes one session with our therapist, and other massage packages are available.

Finally, one of our greatest assets is our fantastic location. Our resort is located in a Nature Reserve, on the shores of a 6 mile wide warm volcanic lake which is a delight for swimming and kayaking. Tucked into a charming dry tropical forest with howler monkeys, Monkey Tree Yoga is a mere hour or less from the airport and 20 minutes to many local attractions and stores. Most yoga retreats in Nicaragua are typically held in primitive settings on the Pacific ocean side of the country, which is some 2-3 hours distance from the airport in Managua.
Monkey Tree Yoga is dedicated to the local environment and people of Nicaragua. Our teachers in training will have plenty of Karma Yoga opportunities in areas like education, on site improvements and environmental projects.

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