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Prananda Yoga

1920 N. Kilpatrick St.
United States

PRANANDA comes from 2 sanskrit words vital to the practice of yoga: life force and bliss. ‘Prana’ is the energy or life force the body needs and receives from correct deep yoga breathing. ‘Ananda’ means pure joy or bliss, which one can build from breathing in that life force and moving energy through the body via asanas (postures). The instructors at PRANANDA teach pranayama (breath work) in their classes and have anatomy/physiology knowledge to assist with proper alignment and prevent injuries. Yoga is about moving the body, mind and spirit in such a way that all three function better for a more enhanced life. The body benefits from the postures themselves by increasing strength and flexibility. The mind benefits from the meditation-letting go of the stressful and distracting thoughts of your day/week/month/life. The spirit benefits because the breath allows us to breathe in that life force all around us that we need to thrive and glow as human beings. Yoga really isn’t about sticking your foot in your ear. Yoga starts where you are right now; getting back to the basics- breathing, clearing your mind of the clutter, de-stressing and strengthening. Who couldn’t use ANY of that? If you are reading this you are breathing, you’re alive, you’re functioning…yoga just makes life a little juicier and enhances the good stuff you all ready possess.

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