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Pure Yoga Canarias

Our intention is to hold a safe, supported, sacred space where anyone regardless their background can enjoy being in their bodies, moving from their hearts, be guided by their breath and find ever growing moments of peace.

When you walk through the door, you are greeted by your name with a smile, you feel your shoulders and relax and gently fall away from your ears. Your forehead softens and all of the noise in your head suddenly quietens down.

All this happens before you even step foot on your mat!

When you do arrive at your mat you will sit down (in a comfortable position), close your eyes and take your attention inwards.  You will notice the rhythm and quality of your mind with non attachment.  Then you will connect with your breath.

First noticing its natural quality.

Then beginning to invite a deeper, fuller, delicious audible breath through your nose ujjayi breath.

This breath is the key to shine light on aspects of yourself that previously had been outside of your awareness.

You are guided to observe your mind as it continues to slow.

You are directed to sense your body from the inside and let go of aesthetic fixed forms.

You are consistently supported to be the witness of your experience with compassion and curiosity.

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