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Love, Service, Devotion, Yoga

Rina Yoga

2490 Coral Way, 2nd Fl.
United States

We have been open for over seven years and we strive to bring you warmth, love and peace. We have three locations now! All only a few minutes away from Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Brickell, the Roads, Downtown, Key Biscayne and South Miami! We allow you to explore as you need to, without forcing you into positions you don’t want to do… How? By offering modifications for each pose, giving less or more challenging options, allowing you to empower yourself and make the choice. But, most importantly, HAVE FUN! If you’ve never done yoga before, you have nothing to fear. We’ll show you the way and make sure you feel comfortable. You are in good hands. Come experience yoga in a friendly, non-competitive atmosphere. Everyone is welcome… Join our family today!

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