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Love, Service, Devotion, Yoga

Sacred Moments Massage & Healing Center

995 Westwood Square Studio B
OviedoFlorida 32765
United States

Why should you choose Sacred Moments Yoga Studio to be YOUR place to practice?

We have searched and found some of the BEST yoga instructors in Central Florida. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable, they are also caring, compassionate, understanding and humble. They are eager to assist you and help you grow in your yoga practice. Each instructor is unique and brings something special to the mat. We are extremely excited and blessed to have such a wonderful team of instructors!

We have carefully researched, searched and pondered over every little detail. We’ve installed flooring that is softer on the joints than the traditional wood/laminate floors you find in most studios. Our floors are also anti-microbial, hypo allergenic and 100% water proof. This will allow us to steam clean the floors keeping your studio germ free!

Our sound system is one of the best! We have installed Sonos speakers!

We listened to your wishes and feel we have provided a schedule with many options. We will continue to listen and tweak the schedule to meet & fit your needs.

We have created a beautiful space for you to practice. Our studio is 1200 sq. ft! The energy is calming, playful, whimsical, airy, light and fun! Light blues and lavenders are on the walls. Magical lighting throughout the studio. And, a few surprises. J We have tried to create a space for you that is fun, playful and calming. We have tried to remove some of the intimidation that is associated with beginning a yoga practice. Join us and let’s play! Let’s have some fun! Let’s see where your yoga practice takes you!

We welcome and encourage you to find the Yoga class right for YOU!

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