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Sally Rogers Studio

618 Harris Street North Downtown
CharlottesvilleVirginia 22903
United States

Sally is an Alexander Technique teacher and a yoga instructor with 18 years of experience guiding others in these practices. A 42-year practitioner of yoga and meditation, I have studied Zen under the guidance of teacher Sôun Bruce Harris for the last 14 years.

She is affiliated with the Integrative Medicine Program at UVA's Emily Couric Cancer Center. Under their aegis I introduce patients to the healing possibilities inherent in the Alexander Technique, yoga and meditation. I am also affiliated with the Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Program (CAM) at UVA's Nursing School. For many years I have taught a class on the Alexander Technique and yoga for their graduate and undergraduate students. I have also taught special sessions on yoga to medical students.

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Sally Rogers Yoga
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