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TriYoga Camden

57 Jamestown Road
London NW1 7DB
United Kingdom

triyoga Primrose Hill opened its doors for its first classes on the 19th February, 2000. It was both the culmination, realisation and the beginning of, the principal founder, Jonathan Sattin's vision – to create the highest quality centre for true well-being, combining three key elements of yogaPilates + treatments.

On that day, free classes were offered to everyone; we were worried that no one would come but when we opened our doors there was a queue from our mews into the street (the next day was a little different!). The week before, we had watched as the newly painted logo streaked down the outside wall of triyoga Primrose Hill in the rain (the signwriter swore that it was the first time it had ever happened). We also saw that the ditch from Erskine Road, where the new gas main was preventing access for builders and deliveries, was still not filled. But nothing was going to stop us opening on February 19th 2000.

Our aim was, and continues to be, to offer sessions from the best teachers, teaching a broad range of truly authentic styles of yoga in a great environment; so you could find a class suited to you and so that yoga could and would be for everyone – regardless of age, size, gender, fitness, diet and lifestyle.

At the same time we wanted to create a community of teachers, students and staff that felt like they belonged somewhere and that triyoga was their home.

The principle was to honour the tradition of yoga and create the sense that you were entering a sacred space. We wanted to dispel the illusion about who can practise yoga, because it is for everyone – hence, ‘everyone triyoga'.

The first yoga schedule at triyoga Primrose Hill included daily community classes, with those classes being at half price, as well as kids classes for the first time in London.

Combining the offering of yoga with Pilates + treatments came from Jonathan's research (read Jonathan's story here). The same principles apply: the best teachers and best therapists; everything we offer would support our aim – to provide true well-being, inside and outside, for everyone. From the outset, alongside the brilliant and inspiring in-house instructors, we invited the world's leading teachers as guest teachers to triyoga. John Scott was the very first. He continues to come back every year, to everyone's delight. In 2009, we had over 25 guest teachers at triyoga. Over the years, we have run a yoga for sports programme, which has included yoga for football, tennis, golf, ski-ing, runners and athletes.

triyoga Covent Garden opened in 2003 and triyoga Soho in 2005. triyoga Chelsea, our fourth centre, opened in Summer 2011.

triyoga Teacher Training was launched in 2005 to train and inspire teachers of the future or those who simply want to deepen their practice and understanding of yoga.

triyoga continues to grow with more treatment rooms and a fourth studio added to Primrose Hill, a wider spectrum of teaching styles and guest teachers, triyoga teacher intensives, more varied guest teachers, triyoga urban retreats in London and triyoga holidays abroad.

triyoga owes its history and its future to the love and hard work of all the people who work or teach here, those who have worked or taught here, those who have invested in us, all the students and clients who have called us, practised in our studios, visited us (and our lovely dogs), treatment rooms and café, and, ultimately, to grace – thank you!

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TriYoga Camden
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