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The Yoga Institute of Broward

10400 Griffin Road Suite 205
Cooper CityFlorida 33328
United States

The Yoga Institute of Broward is one of South Florida's premier authentic Iyengar Yoga studios. We offer safe, expert yoga instruction for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Our classes are tailored to your specific needs and abilities, including any physical limitations you may have. If you're tired of yoga offered by gyms or videos, come experience the best authentic yoga instruction based on the rich lineage of Iyengar yoga. We believe that yoga can provide each of us with the skills to improve health, promote mental clarity, cultivate serenity, and expand awareness. Our purpose is to offer this invaluable tool by providing uncompromising, quality yoga instruction, making yoga accessible to everyone regardless of current strength or flexibility. At the Yoga Institute, various levels of classes are offered to allow the student to develop at their own pace and in a progressive way. We have classes for you, whether you're New to Yoga, Have Yoga Experience, or Physical Limitations. Founded in 1998, we've been at our current location since 2005, in Cooper City on the second floor of the Pine Lake Professional Center on Griffin Road. Our spacious bright studio is fully equipped with wall ropes and the full complement of blankets, blocks, mats and belts to make the yoga asanas more accessible for all students. Students are welcome to bring their own mats. A wide range of yoga books and props such as blankets, bolsters, mats, belts and blocks are available for purchase at reasonable prices.

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Ruth Ann Bradley
The Yoga Institute of Broward
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(954) 452-4424
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