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Karma is a Sanskrit term. It means action or deed. Any physical or mental action is Karma. Thinking is mental Karma. Karma is the sum total of our acts, both in the present life and in the preceding births.
Karma Yoga is the path of dedicated participation in the world without any expectations or claiming the fruits of actions for oneself.  Every act, whether by thought, word, or deed, is done as an offering to the Divine, the ultimate source and innate goodness within all.

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Journal Post

April is a special time of year. Not only do we celebrate Hanuman’s birthday with the first full moon of April, but April heralds the beginning of spring and even include’s one of my favorite holidays, Earth Day! Spring is characterized by the wood element, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. The wood element is about the energy to take action. This energy is present in all of the beautiful flower buds bursting everywhere. Now is the time to take action, to use the wood energy of spring to plant the seeds for what we hope to recover in the fall.
Dear Friends, It has been an exhausting couple of weeks here in the United States. In addition to everything we normally have going on in our lives, we are being tormented by misinformation, lies and deceit in the executive office of our government. It is hard to keep up with it all and this is leading to frustration, hopelessness and overwhelm. What can we do?
"In his search he discovers the three noble ways of word (jnana), work (karma), and worship (bhakti), which teach him that his inner light is the only guide leading to mastery over his own life.” - BKS Iyengar, Light on Pranayama
Use your yoga teachings to inspire social change.
In keeping with the four-word theme of the amazing iHanuman community, I thought it appropriate to write a few quick words for each as my first post. Love: We have a Thought Board at my office. It's a simple dry-erase board at the entry that everyone writes on. Some days there are random thoughts but most days there are questions. The other day the question was: Which is more powerful, love or hate? A seemingly simple question but, in reality, more thought provoking and discussion sparking than everyone was prepared for that day. It was amazing to witness. My answer: Love is infinitely more powerful than hate and love in numbers cannot be broken or challenged.
Fridays 4-5:50pm- All levels Vinyasa By Donation
Proceeds go to Shanti Uganda
2853 SE Stark, Portland OR
More info on Renee Sills here: http://www.renee.feedtheyogi.com

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September is National Yoga Month which "invites all styles of yoga to participate in an awareness campaign designed to educate about the many benefits of yoga and inspire our fellow citizens to live healthier, happier lives." One of the original Yoga texts states that Spring and Fall are auspicious times of year to begin or continue your practice of yoga. The Yogi should begin practice (samachara) in spring or autumn, instructs the late seventeenth century Gheranda Compendium (5.15), œif he wants to easily gain success. We hope you will feel inspired this September to engage more fully in yo
Bo Lozoff started the Prison Ashram Project with Ram Dass in 1973, which has grown into the largest interfaith prison ministry in the world. Bo'™s book, We'™re All Doing Time, now in its 17th printing, is widely referred to as œthe convicts' bible and was named by Village Voice as œone of the ten books everyone in the world should read.For over 30 years Bo has traveled around the world giving talks in thousands of prisons, churches, and community centers.
Peter Malakoff is a poet, storyteller, Ayurvedic consultant, Ghee maker, meditation teacher, and woodworker living in Bolinas, CA. Several years ago he attended a gathering with Ram Dass in Marin County, California, and offered a story in gratitude for all that he has meant and given to countless seekers throughout the years. The story, "Love, Serve and Remember: A Hanuman Story for Ram Dass," is a beautiful retelling of one of Hanumans exploits in the Ramayana, one that wonderfully illuminates the oft seen image of Hanuman ripping open his chest to reveal Rama and Sita.
ShantiMayi is a lineage holder and an awakened master from the Sacha Lineage of India, œwhich exists solely for the purpose of enlightenment of all beings. ShantiMayi is a direct disciple of Sri Swami Hans Maharajji. Maharajji's ashram, Sacha Dham Ashram in Laxman Jhulla, India is near Rishikesh, where ShantiMayi spends several months of the year, when she is not spreading the Sacha (Truth) Dharma (Way) on her international tours or at home in the Pyrenees.While ShantiMayi says she does not align herself with any particular religions of the world, she draws on many of the world™s philosophies in her teachings and believes œwhatever awakens us to the Truth is the Way.
Dr. Prabhavati Dwabha traveled around the world in search of purpose and meaning, and eventually found it in the lives of India's poorest children. Dr. Prabahvati is the founder of Ramana's Garden, an orphanage in the mountains of Northern India that provides food, shelter, clothing, education, and a future to abandoned, orphaned, and destitute children. In addition to the orphanage, she has also created programs that provide medical, vocational, and educational assistance to those living in these remote mountain villages.
Jarvis Jay Masters is an African American Buddhist writer currently on Death Row at San Quentin State Prison. He was incarcerated for armed robbery as a teenager and sentenced to death for alleged involvement in the death of a prison guard. He became a Buddhist while in prison, taking vows from Tibetan teacher Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche, and has since published many essays and stories about life in prison, most notably his highly acclaimed collection Finding Freedom: Writings from Death Row.
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