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Yoga Therapy

Yoga is beneficial for the health in ways that modern science is just beginning to understand.  Even though it has been applied with therapeutic intention for thousand of years, Yoga Therapy is only just now emerging as a discipline in itself.   More health care practitioners are starting to include yogic techniques in their approach to healing -- and more yoga teachers give a therapeutic intention to their teaching.  People who have never tried yoga before are starting to consider including Yoga in their treatment plan. Also visit

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Introduction:Fulfill your zeal to be an affluent Yoga teacher and a serious practitioner at Rishikul Yogshala in Nepal, the land of Lord Buddha. Take the first serious step towards the divine science of yoga with the 200 hour Yoga TTC.Date: 07th Mar– 04th Apr 2018Location: Hotel Tulsi- Barahi Tole, Pokhara, NepalOverview:
Introduction:Yoga is beautiful, but the road to the Yoga Everest is far more beautiful. Immerse in the deepest ocean of Yoga with Rishikul Yogshala in Rishikesh, India. Become a Yoga Alliance certified teacher during the 500 hour Yoga TTC in Rishikesh.Overview:
‘Sheetali’ is a Sanskrit word that implies ‘cooling’. Sheetali Yoga is one of the most important Pranayama techniques implemented during yoga practice in summer. When this Pranayama is practiced, it leads the yogi to experience a sudden surge of cooling sensation in his entire body that helps in beating the persistent summer heat. It is an ideal Pranayama for cooling a person’s body after an invigorating workout session. Hence, it is usually advised to practice this summer-friendly breathing technique at the end of each yoga session during yoga practice under heat.
Burn your Body fat to do this Bharadvaja Asana

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Summary: Explore the article for the most important tips that are advised to consider when searching for the best yoga teacher training.
Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are- Jason Crandell.
Summary: Do you aspire to become a great yoga teacher or instructor? Learn the four amazing facts about successful yoga teachers through this article.
Summary: Pranayama or breath work is not limited to advanced practitioners only, instead it is also beneficial to the beginners. Out of the long list of advantages that are offered by pranayama, this article discusses three types of breath work exercises that are easy to practice.
Summary: One of the noticeable physical features that can make you feel confident or embarrassed is your height. Discover some of the excellent yogic ways to increase your height.
Summary: Deciding to go for yoga teacher training, here are some pointers that can help pick the right yoga teacher training.Thinking of taking your yoga journey to the next level with a yoga teacher training course, but confused about where or how to come across the right one? With so many yoga teacher training programs out there, it is obvious for a person to get confused.
Investing time and money on something, picking up a right course isn’t an easy task. We’ve set out some of the pointers for you to consider when selecting from a 200 Hour, 300 Hour, or 500 Hour yoga teacher training.
Choose A Yoga Style First
Summary: Learn how the art of yoga helps you attain the true, long lasting happiness through this article.
Summary: To run a yoga studio is what you want, know some handy advice and secrets of successful yoga studios.As a yoga teacher or trainer, it is great to fully involve with this science and also help others by sharing your practice via your own yoga studio. Yoga is growing across the globe every passing year and if you want to open your yoga studio, it is the time. But opening or running a yoga studio is not a cakewalk. A person has to know all the nitty-gritty details to have a successful Yoga studio.So here we are sharing with you some tried and tested secrets of successful yoga studios.

Determination, Commitments, And Belief
Even though it is almost 90 degrees where I live in central Virginia, we have now officially transitioned into early Fall. If you cannot yet feel it in the temperature, you can see it in the colors of everything around you. What was lush and green a few weeks ago has started to turn yellow. Aptly, this is the color of this time of year, the color of the stomach and spleen meridians, our digestive organs, the Earth Element. 
Yoga courses in India will let you catch the apt and best possible ways for performing the various types of asanas such as Meditation, Surya Namaskara, Kapalbhati Yoga and Sirsasana. Thus, ensure for seeking the useful and best possible ways now! Yoga classes in Rishikesh will let you avail the expert ways for performing the various types of asanas like Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Surya Namaskara, and several others. Thus, connect with the Yoga ashram which you think is accommodative and fit to your pocket and get apt results.
ONGOING CLASSES Yoga - All Levels, Sundays 10 - 11:30 am at Balance Studio Yoga for Osteoporosis, Wednesdays, 9:30 - 10:45 am ~ contact Kym directly
Gentle Yoga for Health, Wednesdays 11:00 - 12:15
Gentle Yoga for Health, Saturdays 10 - 11:15 am ~ contact Kym directly Moving Forward, a program including yoga and therapeutic exercise for cancer survivors
Mondays 6 - 8pm October 2016, Hope Connections for Cancer Support, Bethesda MD IION, Institute for Integrative Oncology Navigation retreat, Smith Farm Center for Healing and the Arts
"Yoga as an Integrative Healing Tool"
Seniors age 65 and older represent the fastest-growing sector of the population and, like many Americans, are increasingly drawn to yoga. This presents both an extraordinary opportunity and a serious challenge for yoga instructors who must be both a resource and guardians of safety for this uniquely vulnerable group. A typical class of seniors is likely to represent the most diverse mix of abilities of any age group. While some may be exceedingly healthy, most fit the profile of the average older adult in America, 80% of whom have at least one chronic health condition and 50% of whom have at least two.
Dear Friends,
The International Association of Yoga Therapists ( is presenting the third annual Symposium for Yoga Therapy and Research (SYTAR); the premier professional forum in the field of Yoga therapy is designed for experienced yoga teachers, yoga therapists and those involved with health care and Yoga research. SYTAR 2009 is geared for yoga professionals to learn, meet, discuss and practice among peers. Up to 22 continuing education units from Yoga Alliance serve to enhance this event. As well, SYTAR 2009 will have CEUs available for other related fields.

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I encountered Amy Weintraub through her first book, Yoga for Depression, which I discovered as I prepared to teach a workshop on yoga for lifting mood. When the opportunity to meet her in person and work with her before her LifeForce Yoga Practitioner Training at the Sri Swami Satchidananda Yoga Ashram, I jumped at the chance! It was apparent to me through her book that not only did Amy have a way with words (she holds a Masters in Fine Arts in Writing and Literature) but she was clearly someone who was living her Yoga.
Recorded March 2012 during Elise Miller's Yoga for Scoliosis Teacher Training at the Sri Swami Satchidananda Yoga Ashram  in Buckingham, Virginia. This is a silent film, but we could not resist the beautiful spring light pouring in from the windows at the close of this beautiful workshop. Downloads of the full training coming soon.
Recorded April 9, 2011, at Elise's own California Yoga Center, in Mountain View, CA. In this opening session of the weekend workshop, Elise discusses the anatomy and physiology of scoliosis, types and causes of scoliosis as well as the physical and psychological  effects of scoliosis. In addition, she identifies the different patterns of scoliosis and also for those attending, she identifies their pattern. Elise's upcoming training is at the Satchidananda Yoga Ashram in Buckingham, Virginia March 21 - 25, 2012. Recordings will be available on later in 2012. Enjoy this sample of Elise' story and teachings.
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