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September is National Yoga Month which "invites all styles of yoga to participate in an awareness campaign designed to educate about the many benefits of yoga and inspire our fellow citizens to live healthier, happier lives." One of the original Yoga texts states that Spring and Fall are auspicious times of year to begin or continue your practice of yoga. The Yogi should begin practice (samachara) in spring or autumn, instructs the late seventeenth century Gheranda Compendium (5.15), œif he wants to easily gain success. We hope you will feel inspired this September to engage more fully in yo
Erich Schiffmann is a Yoga Master who does not shy away from technology; rather, he embraces it and utilizes it to its fullest and highest potential. When he wanted to make a yoga DVD to follow up on the huge success of Yoga: Mind and Body with Ali MacGraw (in which he was the featured teacher), he did not go looking for producers and a film crew. Instead he bought a video camera, microphone, and the editing software to make it himself. Several years later, he is now the producer/editor/cameraman/featured yogi of eight highly-acclaimed DVDs and multiple audio CDs.
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