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If you are new to iHanuman and want to learn a little bit more about how we came about, you can learn more here. We now have three ways to get involved; as a student, a teacher and a studio and best of all they are entirely FREE! Ready to Join? Create a FREE Account Now!

As a student, you can interact in the community - find other students, teachers and studios in your area or wherever your mat has taken you. contribute blog posts to the community. share your knowledge, skills and concerns as a yoga student. contribute to our asana index - submit photos and comments on our yogi-sourced, yogi-built encyclopedia of yoga. access hundreds of hours of free content from some of the brightest teachers in the world. Ready to Join? Create a FREE Account Now!

As a teacher, you can broaden your reach - our community spans across borders. looking to teach to a wider audience? contribute featured articles within the community. contribute to the asana index - our yogi-sourced encyclopedia for yoga on the web. interact with students, teachers and studios around the world. add your classes to a global yoga calendar and promote your classes to a targeted audience. contribute content - learn from our experts on how to create, manage and distribute content on the web. Sell your classes and workshops in our Digital Download Store. Ready to Join? Create a FREE Account Now!

As a studio, you can further broaden your reach and feature your studio, add and promote your class calendar, promote your teachers and your studio content - easily submit and distribute media you create in your own studio. want help creating content? we can help with that, too. Sponsor an Asana in our Yogi-Sourced Asana Index, Sell your Audio and Video Collections in our Download Store. Ready to Join? Create a FREE Account Now!

Yoga Students

  • Create a Yoga Profile
  • Access Hundreds of Hours of FREE Yoga Media with Top Teachers
  • Publish Posts About Yoga Poses to Contribute to the Asana Index
  • Publish Blog Posts to the Community
  • Connect and communicate with other students and teachers around the world
  • Upload Photos and Create Photo Galleries
  • Buy and Review Yoga Downloads
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Yoga Teachers

In addition to everything a student can do...
  • Become a Featured Contributor
  • Upload Videos to Share with your Students
  • Add Yoga Classes to Your Studio Calendars
  • Sell Your Yoga Classes in Our Download Store
  • Create, Manage and Distribute Content on the Web
  • Sponsor Asanas in Our Asana Index
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Yoga Studios

  • Add Your Studio to Our Directory
  • Feature Your Yoga Studio
  • Add Classes to Your Studio Calendar and Feature Your Classes
  • Sponsor Asanas in our Yogi-Sourced Asana Index
  • Sponsor Collections of Your Studio Teachers in Our Download Store
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Join Our Unique Community and Help Build the Bridge!

One of iHanuman's primary goals is to serve yoga teachers by promoting the work you do and to provide a "digital bridge" for your teachings to travel upon. This website offers powerful tools and opportunities for you to interact directly with your students and to strengthen not only that connection but also your connection with the wider yoga world. As part of this community you will benefit from the following:

  • Easy to manage personal website within a dynamic yoga community.
  • Additional pages for links, daily web blog, and media content. With our Media Platform, we are ready to scale with you to create as much content as you'd like.
  • Easily upload and manage your audio and video content.
  • Podcasting, RSS feeds, and streaming capability.
  • Get listed with search engines quickly. We index and aggregate all of your content. Search engines love us!
  • Direct access to a global yoga community. We aim to be The Place on the net for quality, authentic content on Yoga.
  • Simple, elegant design! Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, but we do our best to keep in line with a simple, calm, soothing, yogic design.

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