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Yoga Music

Yoga Music

We Love Music and believe that music is healing for the soul.

Music can create a form of yoga or union between body, mind and spirit.

Music is the heartbeat.

Chanting of the symbol AUM is the sound of the universe and is said to have created the universe.

Music may not always be part of your yoga practice, but it can enhance and inspire asana practice.

Our First Compilation, dedicated to Ganesha and will be released on the Summer Solstice!
Ganesha Music

We are thrilled and honored to release our first compilation of music for the iHanuman Download Store. This compilation is dedicated to the God Ganesh. Ganesh is the Hindu God of Wisdom and New Beginnings and the Beloved Remover of Obstacles.

Abel Okugawa has been an integral part of iHanuman since the beginning. He masters the  iHanuman Class Downloads and Podcasts and makes everything sound silky smooth.

Listen to the sample and post a comment below. Let us know what you think!

iHanuman grew out of our Founders' intimacy with music and the development of Monkeyclaus Recording Studio. For the past 10 years, we harnessed the emergence of new media, riding the wave of the development of the internet. We invented Bluewall Media, a company dedicated to the establishment of new media and online communities.


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