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Hudson Yoga

173 Katonah Avenue
KatonahNew York 10536
United States

Kate has been teaching Iyengar yoga in Norther Westchester for over twenty years and managed her own yoga studio for fifteen of those years. She currently teaches group classes in at Intentional Wellness and Yoga Center in Katonah and in the Heritage Hills community. She welcomes private student in the convenience of their homes in addition to the Katonah studio or at Heritage Hills (if you are a resident)

She is a certified Iyengar instructor and has studied with many senior Iyengar and renowned instructors. She attributes her inspiration to the late Mary Dunn. The gift of yoga has brought a place of emotional balance and physical strength to her life which she enjoys sharing. Kate is infinitely grateful to her teachers and the boundless science of yoga for bringing a calm and steady quality to her life. Kate is known for teaching with clarity of instruction, precision in alignment, and compassion and sensitivity to each student.. Studio has been in operation since 1997.  Beginner, intermediate, general, and gentle classes. Private instruction available. Drop in students welcome.

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