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Sadhanaa Yoga

80 Rockwood Place
RochesterNew York 14610
United States
Sadhanaa Yoga is a hatha yoga studio located in Rochester, NY. The studio was established in 2000 and was initially called the Iyengar Yoga School of Rochester. In 2009, it was handed down to another Iyengar teacher and called Nirvasana Yoga. Passing on the torch to the next generation, Amita Bhagat took it over in 2013 and named it Sadhanaa Yoga, which means the devoted practice. Sadhanaa Yoga is devoted to the practice of yoga asanas, or physical postures, through the use of props to experience the external and internal benefits towards sustained health. Sadhanaa Yoga offers public and private classes focusing external alignment, to build a solid foundation towards exploring internal alignment.
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