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Awaken to Dawn

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Everything in our Universe is constantly moving and changing. Old Stars/planets are dying and new ones are being born this very moment as you read these words. Galaxies, solar systems and stars are all a part of this 'Great Movement', a journey into the Unknown.

The human being, likewise, begins the journey as a single cell and travels through different stages of evolution to become a person who can think, analyze, imagine, create and perform wondrous acts to express 'life' in magnificent ways. This living organism, like the Universe, is constantly changing each moment. You are no more the same person as when you read the first line of this text. A million things have changed in you. Your body cells have already traveled long distances to transport different chemical properties to different organs throughout. Your inner diagram is quite different now.

Mind and body work together as a team. They reciprocate and exchange information (energy). What happens to one is automatically and instantly transferred to the other. When this exchange takes place in a harmonious rhythm o fNature, a person feels healthy, happy and inspired. These experiences surface from the positive and constructive field of consciousness. On the other hand, when the mind-body connection is out of synchronicity, all experiences surface from negative and destructive field of consciousness as irritations, anger, fears, anxieties and sickness.

Sound is that incredible tool that influences the mind and body in very distinct but subtle ways. The sound forms recorded in this album have been derived from the Scared Music of ancient India. They have been a vital source to heal and balance the mind-body connection in gentle and positive ways for centuries. The mind and body, at the end of the night, are in a rested, receptive, open and impressionable state. The music correlates with that state and enhances peace, clarity, healing and freedom from sickness.

Roop Verma (Sitar)
An internationally respected musician and master of Nada Yoga (the science of inner sounds) which dates back to ancient and medieval times. His training has been with His Holiness The Nirankari Baba, Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, Swami Shyam (of the Himalayas), Maestros Ali Akbar Khan and Ravi Shankar. He brings us the knowledge of ancient seers in a most simple and direct way.

Arjun Verma (Svarmandal)
He was initiated into Sitar in 1990 at the age of 5 by his father, Roop Verma. With his Western musical training, he has performed as a percussionist with the Hartwick College Wind Ensemble and sang in he Oneonta Boychoir. He is deepening his studies ofSitar under the guidance of Maestro Ali Akbar Khan. He has performed on Sitar with his father in the USA and abroad. In this recording, he plays the Svarmandal, a zither-like string instrument from India.

Tracy Verma (Tamboura)
An engineering graduate and teacher of Yoga, she is a longtime student of Indian music. She plays the treble and bass Tambouras in this recording.

Recorded at: Advance Studio, 21 Lake Street, Stamford, New York 12167 USA
Distributor: Atma Spheres, 10 Lawn Avenue, Oneonta, New York 13820 USA
Phone/Fax: 607-433-2353

Awaken to Dawn
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59 min
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