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Ghandarva Cafe

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Ecstatic Songs of Love and Devotion
The Musicians: Steve Blum, Sandip Burman, Hans Christian, Girish Ghambira, Geoffrey Gordon, Gary Grainger, Andy Hamburger, Subhash Karmarkar, Jai Kishor, Lawson Knight, Laxsmi-ma, Arianna Lightningstorem, Jaqui MacMillan, Tina Malia, Diana McPhadden, Debu Nyak, Shashi, Jaya Shashidhar, Sparky, Salim Waters.

Special Thanks to Dr. Wu, Wendy Grace, Cue Recording, Kim Maddox, Krishna Das, Doug Johnston, Ken Shubert, Annapurna, Synergy Dance, Caroline Casey, Jwala and Open Secret.

For more information on the musicians who played and the stories behind the songs, go to

Wynne Paris Ghandarva Cafe
Ghandarva Cafe
Album Runtime: 
45 minutes
Album style: 
Album Genre: 

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