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Developing Awareness of the Kwa

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The Kwa is all muscular and facial structures below the solar plexus and above the knee in continuous connective dynamic engagement.  It describes not only the physical, muscular structures but also the energies of this region of the body.  In reality, these structures are the engines of the body, forming the foundation of movement in the human system, while having a deep relationship to health.  From both an energetic and physical standpoint, the Kwa forms a bridge between the upper and lower body.  It links the energies of the ground with the energies of the human being.  These structures can have tremendous history held in them.  It may be a common site of trauma and is part of the startle reflex of infants.  The Kwa is involved with every step we have ever taken as well as every good and bad situation we have walked into and out of.  It is an area impacted bad poor posture, uncomfortable beds and other aspects of our physical and emotional experience.  Healing the Kwa region and the relationship between the upper and lower body is an essential part of our yoga practice.  As we meet the energetics of the Kwa and stay present, we begin to unfold the story held within us, helping it to gradually be felt and to loosen its emotional grip.

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