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Cobra Pose
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Model: Kate Hallahan Zuckerman
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Geometry: In this prone back bending pose, the torso is lifted and supported by the arms. The pelvis and legs remain on the ground. The legs are stretched straight back.


Lie on the floor, face downwards, roll each of inner upper thighs in one at a time and extend the legs back;  the feet are together or slightly apart, if difficult. The knees are tight and toes extend straight back.

Place the palms by the sides of the waist and roll the outer shoulders back and lower the shoulder blades down the back. 

Inhale. Press the palms and lift the trunk up until the pubis remains in contact with the floor. Stay in this position with the weight on the legs and palms.

Roll the outer shoulders back to broaden the collar bones.

Lift the armpit chest up to lift the chest.

Stretch the outer upper arms back and the inner upper arms forward to lift the chest.

Press the middle buttocks forward towards the front of the pelvis to take the pelvis forward.

Lift the inner thighs up and extend through the legs.

Exhale. Bend the elbows and rest the trunk on the floor. Repeat two or three times.


Common Issues:

The trapezius muscles move up the back of the neck.

The outer shoulders roll forward and the collarbones are not broad.

The spine and torso are not fully lifted and extended.

The legs are not fully extended.

The inner foot collapses.

The top of the foot is not pressed evenly.

The back of the neck is not extended.

Sanskrit Pronunciation: 

The posture is a panacea for an injured spine and in cases of slight displacement of the spinal discs; the pose helps to replace the discs. The spinal region is toned and the chest fully expanded.

Beginners Tips: 
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Modifications and Props : 
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For wrist pain, turns the wrists out to 2 o’clock and 10 o’clock.

See YGFW and intermediate course for variations on the ropes.

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