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Interview with Heather Tiddens

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Heather Tiddens in Titibhasana

Heather Tiddens teaches yoga and leads ceremony to support people in embodying their most authentic selves. Her teaching is grounded in her training and studies integrating Yin and Yang Yoga, hands-on healing, mindfulness practices and indigenous ceremony ways. Her classes are known for their physical intensity and detailed instruction, as well as being a safe, compassionate space for students to explore their spiritual, emotional and physical healing and growth.

Heather'™s life-long athletic experience, deep connection with the elements of nature, and exploration of indigenous culture and ceremony ways greatly influence her work. Since 1979, she has been an avid and skilled surfer, previously competing on the Professional World Tour. She is featured in the recent documentary The Women and the Waves, exploring the experience of women surfers. In 1988, she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Studies at UC Santa Barbara. Her studies culminated in a focus on the impact of land development and the California Environmental Quality Act and related legislation on Chumash sacred sites and cultural heritage.

Heather is based in Santa Barbara, CA, teaching locally at Santa Barbara Yoga Center, Yoga Soup and at Satya House, her private studio. She also travels nationally teaching courses, workshops and retreats. For more information on Heather and and her teaching schedule, please visit her website at

This interview with Heather is a conversation about her introduction to yoga, her incorporation of ceremony, Yin and Meditation practice, her profound affection for nature and its affect on our bodies, finding balance in our lives, and more. Enjoy!

Interview with Heather Tiddens

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