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Kindness & Honesty in Action

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One of the Patanjali’s precepts of yoga is honesty (Satya - Truthfulness).  This does not just mean honesty with other people but with you, as you meet yourself within your yoga practice. Until we can be honest with ourselves and accept something within our experience then we cannot hope to change it.  Memories we hold of how our body used to be or what used to be possible must be gently and kindly relinquished so what’s present in the moment can be acknowledged.  We must allow the mind to be open and to accept what we are feeling within our body, even if it is challenging and amounts to limitation, pain, tension or discomfort.  As we focus our attention openly, kindly and honestly, we perceive many changes within our being; through our breath, within the tensional matrix and in what we experience on all levels.  This initiates the process of meeting our own bodies with honesty and integrity and invites us to adopt a kindness towards our body/mind and spirit.  Yoga gives us a chance to recognize where we really are on life’s journey.  From here, we go into our yoga process with greater clarity and make subtle changes in order to create more space and ease within the body and ultimately to let go of the tensions and relax deeply inside.

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