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Stories on Hanuman

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Mahavir at Samui Dharma Healing Center

The Mount Madonna Center is a retreat center located in the redwood forest overlooking Monterey Bay in Northern California.The retreat center is affiliated with the Mount Madonna Institute, a college of yoga and ayurveda, and is sponsored by the Hanuman Fellowship, a community of yoga practitioners devoted to the teachings of Babaji Hari Dass. Every year the Mount Madonna community celebrates the great history of Indian mythology, philosophy and religion through a lavish parade through the streets of Santa Cruz, California. During a recent visit to Thailand, iHanuman caught up with one of the participants in the parade who shared his recap of the story of Hanuman. Enjoy the sounds of the ocean. Think of Hanuman’s great leap from India to Sri Lanka.

Mahavir, the name given to him by Babaji, is a builder from New Zealand, participating in an elimination fast at the Samui Dharma Healing Center in Koh Samui, Thailand. As he tells this story, he is on the 22nd day of his fast. iHanuman will present a follow-up feature on the Healing Center so stay tuned. For more information on the The Mount Madonna Center, the Hanuman Fellowship or the Samui Dharma Healing Center , please follow the links to their respective websites.

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