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Lost in Transition

"We are here to love each other, serve each other,
and uplift each other" -Anonymous
It is with practice and self-inquiry that we come to understand how yoga is much more than a series of poses and breathing exercises. In fact, we see quite clearly that the practice is about relationships, to one another and most importantly to ourselves. With continued practice we learn to serve others, creating an atmosphere of compassion, acceptance, and tolerance, and a more peaceful way of living.
It is not always easy and you know what...that's okay! In fact, it's that challenge which knocks us around, drives us forward, and forces us to hurdle obstacles (whether we want to or not) to become better, clearer versions of our Self.
Keeping this in mind, I ruminate on the past few months of my life and will share that it has not been as easy as I would have liked. I've had to make some drastic life changes in order to take care of myself.  And although I feel as though I have every tool in my basket to help me through, the fear and anxiety at times has been overwhelming. I've literally been lost in transition.
My practice has been a grounding force, enabling me to continue to discover what I love...what feeds me...what makes me whole, while at the same time, taking care of my everyday needs. What I've discovered is that by serving and uplifting others through my teaching and writing and surrounding myself with uplifting people, the highs and lows don't seem so drastic. I am more resilient. Sure, this means that I have had to walk away from a few friendships and "comfort zones" along the way, but in the end, I've been carried by a network of support that I never knew I had before.  I know that I always land on my feet no matter how scary the jump may be!
Whether we see ourselves as peaceful warriors or boisterous advocates for change, it is our role as yogis to continue to serve the greater good. Start by understanding that sometimes you will be uplifting and other times you will need to be uplifted.  Sometimes you are the student and sometimes you are the teacher. Sometimes you are both at the same time. Lean on those that support you unconditionally,  and truly learn to love, serve and uplift one another.


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