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Transformation in the Air at the DNC

Last night I attempted to stay up past my bedtime to attend an Etown event here in Denver, featuring some of my faves like James Taylor and Ani DiFranco.
Unfortunately, after a full day at the DNC I couldn't manage to keep my eyes open past the first third of the concert. On the ride back to Boulder, my boyfriend Peter (bless his heart for agreeing to chauffeur me home early), attempted to boost my spirits by reminding me of yoga's promise.
I could transform my nearly blinding fatigue by shifting my focus, he urged.
"Can you tap into the bigger picture?"
Paralyzed from the waist down during an automobile accident at the age of 13, Sanford transcended this trauma with yoga. By healing his own body/mind connection, he now he guides others (of all abilities) to bridge this gap.
He appreciates the emphasis on embodiment here at the Oasis.
True transformation rests in our ability to relax into the bigger picture, which is always one of goodness, beauty, connection, and freedom. We can access this regardless of present circumstances.
This morning I woke up refreshed, true to Peter's prediction. And as if that weren't enough for me to learn my lesson yet again, living examples of the wellspring that awaits when we relax into the big picture continue to bombard me here at the DNC.
Yesterday evening I stepped away from my computer to roll around (a very advanced yogic practice) on the floor here in the Oasis. There, yoga teacher and author
Matthew Sanford, (who had stopped in for a massage and yoga lesson) gifted me with an impromptu dharma talk.
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