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Yin Yoga Class with Jen Fleisher

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Jen Fleisher

Yin Yoga is a practice unlike any other yoga practice because once you find the shape of the pose, you let go of any muscular effort and the effects are profound. You can feel the access to the deeper connective tissue and the theory is that it is in the connective tissue that you begin to really flush out the meridians where prana or chi flows in the body.

Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers are both prominent teachers in the Yin Yoga Tradition, although Paulie Zink is credited with founding the style of Yin Yoga. Paul Grilley's background is in anatomy so he brings a great deal of scientific perspective into the physical structure of the body and Sarah's training is in Yoga, extensively, and in Buddhist Meditation and Philosophy so she brings that level of insight to the practice.

The poses are held for 5 to 10 to 15 to even 30 minutes. In this class, Jen is gentle and asks you to hold the poses for about 5 minutes. We recommend Paul Grilley's book, Yin Yoga - Outline of a Quiet Practice and Insight Yoga with Sarah Powers

Jen uses Biff Mithoefer's Yin Yoga Kit to infuse the imagery and theories of the chakras as a way to stay present with the practices. So grab your yoga mat, some blankets, and set aside an hour and a half for this fantastic practice today. Remember that this may be your first experience of yin yoga, so take it slowly. The duration of time in the pose can sometimes feel like the yang aspect of this practice. When practicing yoga in this way with long holds for several minutes at a time, one feels the sensations more intensely in the body. Remember to listen to your own breath and body and come out of the poses carefully to rest in Savasana or practice Adho Mukha Svanasana between poses. We hope you enjoy.

This class is part of a series of classes hosted by the Guerilla Yoga Project.

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