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July 20, 1969 was an historic day for our country and for the world. It was the day that we landed a man on the moon, and Neil Armstrong uttered his oft-quoted phrase, "One small step for man, one giant step for mankind".
We take space travel for granted now, but back then it was an awesome achievement. When President Kennedy set the vision in 1963 that we were going to the moon by the end of the decade, it was an almost unbelievable proposition. At the time the technology had not been developed to support the vision, but Kennedy had faith in the ingenuity and creativity of our NASA scientists and engineers. He trusted that they would be able to figure it out. He set the vision and the rest is history.
We could use some of that trust and confidence right now! The problems facing our country are enormous, and, in some ways, as daunting as landing on the moon. Among other things, the economy is in recession, the banking industry is in turmoil, the global climate is in flux, and our health-care system is broken. It would be reassuring if we had the same trust that Kennedy showed in our ability to figure it out! Even if we don't know all the answers now, we can take heart by reminding ourselves that we are a smart and industrious people, capable of finding workable solutions to these challenges.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if we each started contributing to the solutions instead of complaining about the problems? If we emulate President Kennedy's trust and confidence, and turn our thoughts and words toward the possibilities, we have a better chance to successfully work through national as well as personal challenges. Yoga practices offer us the time and space to tune into our deeper wisdom and guidance and can provide an invaluable tool for staying centered during this tumultuous time.
Given the anxiety, tension, and worry that so many people are experiencing these days, we've decided to shorten our sessions in order to make them more affordable, but still offer the great progressive teaching that is our hallmark. Beginning this fall, our sessions will be 7 weeks and we will no longer have sample class week. Instead, students new to Garden of the Heart can now take a free class during the first 2 weeks of the session using our Free Class Card. Without sample class week, our regular students will enjoy more uninterrupted classes. We also are including a BONUS CLASS in each 7-week session so you will receive an eighth class in the 7-week session as our gift to you! We are enthusiastic about these changes and hope they allow you to more easily experience the profound benefits inherent in the practice of yoga. See the Yoga Center Notes section for more information.
I hope you are managing well during this time of transition, remembering to trust your capacity to figure it out and make life-affirming choices. All the instructors and staff at Garden of the Heart Yoga wish to support your well being during this time. Together we can do great things!


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