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Santosha - Contentment

Santosha is the result of complete faith and trust in God. A Yogi is always content. Through contentment one enters into deep meditation. Do not seek your happiness in the external, ephemeral world. External circumstances are ever changing and can never bring lasting happiness.
Contentment dawns as a result of knowledge of the laws of karma. Everything is as it should be. The Yogi is a lover of God, and never disturbed, bothered or concerned with activities in the material world. Allow the Lord to be the guide, not the ego. Renounce all desires, wanting nothing but the love of God. See the grace of God everywhere, even in the challenges of everyday living. When the approach of discontent is seen, immediately cut the illusion down with the sword of discrimination.
Only a content mind can meditate. Never concern yourself with the dream, concentrate solely on the Dreamer—the one who is watching us all. Hear the Lord’s whisper ever filling your being, speaking the words and guiding the thoughts and actions. See God, and God alone in all faces. Learn to live with, in and for God alone. Santosha immediately follows such renunciation.

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