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Where ya' going?

Hi all!
We had a beautiful class Saturday. Fine yogis moving in and out of 'one legged dogs', working against the wall and some even kicking up towards handstand- it was a wonderful experience. It took lot's of courage and strength and was very inspiring!
The weather, being particularly unstable, warm then cold, steady then windy and still dark, is a sure sign that change is all around. When we practice handstands we mimic that change. And when we pay attention to our practice we see how we are affected by change. Do you welcome the opportunity with creative vision or do you dig in and try and remain stable and steady. Just good information to have.
At the end of our class we had a long meditation. Seated we allowed ourselves to breathe and enjoyed the little movements of our breath-
"While sitting one does not get up, or move, or make that dollar, or pass that test, or receive reassurance from that phone call. .... Sitting is self control around specific values. Observation replaces all action." From Karma and Chaos.
Only I would encourage you not to be an observer or witness- Allow yourself to be present and awake with these changes. Place your awareness in feeling your breath, and alert your breath change and create as it needs to.  Don't worry about 'meditating'. When you sit, sit to bring awareness to your life. Try not to do something or make something happen. More than likely, you should undo!
Awareness is not the head telling the body what to do. Awareness takes time.
Allow yourself time to bring your mind and body together, bring your awareness to your life at this moment. Breathe, feel, discover- Breathe, feel, discover- Uncover without inhibition what it means to be you- Become a light unto yourself.
As Judith Lasaiter says" Living in the moment is a deep and powerful act of courage."
Just like handstands!- Jai!


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