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For thousands and thousands of years the Yoga sages have observed and taught their students that the mind is by nature "outward-turning." That is, it tends to flit about from thought to thought capriciously and from subject to subject like a cork bouncing about in the open sea. The trouble with that is some places the mind bounces into are whirlpools of non-constructive thinking. And as you know, many thought patterns bring with them accompanying emotions -- some of which are disturbing and even debilitating.

Thus, Yoga sages encourage us to re-train our minds, to actually take control of our minds -- so "we" choose what thoughts the mind will focus on. This is self-mastery.

Probably the most effective tool for retraining the mind, for reversing its direction from naturally being outward-turning to naturally being inward-turning, is the practice of meditation. It's like training a horse; it's done in stages -- and gently. The first stage is concentration (dharana in Sanskrit). You focus...

posted: 8 years 2 weeks ago
posted: 7/20/12
  Good health and happiness are our birthright. Don’t trade it away.   According to Yoga sages, the three main causes of disease are stress, toxins, and bad eating habits. Here are some good eating habits advised by the sages: 1. TOTALLY DIGEST THE LAST MEAL before eating again. If people only waited long enough for everything to digest there wouldn’t be any hospitals. How do you know when everything’s digested: When there’s a raging appetite—then its time for dinner. 2. EAT ONLY WHEN YOU...
posted: 7/20/12
Let's be sensible about eating and fasting. Fasting has several useful effects on our bodies and minds. 1) During a fasting period, the body begins cleaning house and immediately starts eliminating toxins long stored which is healthy (and sometimes uncomfortable). 2) Fasting also shifts and refines consciousness, which of course is powerfully useful during times of inner reflection and worship; 3) Fasting is an austerity which purifies the mind and develops will power. And finally 4) when millions of people all around the globe choose to fast together with an uplifting and spiritual...

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