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Day 12 - Downsizing

Typically when eliminating or cutting down on foods from your diet, cleansing will help get you to your ideal weight. Whether this is your intention or not, this is generally what occurs. After almost two weeks of cleansing, I noticed ( and so have others ) that I have become lighter. This can be attributed to being more careful about the amount of food as well as the type of food in the diet. In my cleanse, I have eliminated wheat, soy and dairy. These foods are "damp" in the Chinese Medical Philosophy. They are Kapha as described in the Indian Ayurvedic Philosophy, meaning they are heavy, cold and wet.

I believe I generally eat a balanced diet, except for wheat, soy and dairy. I notice that a piece of bread or a piece of cheese is what I crave for comfort food as well as food of convenience. But I have been getting a little too comfortable with these foods and it has led to an imbalance. Maya Tiwari, my teacher at Wise Earth School of Ayurveda, says that "All disease comes from an imbalance in the doshas." This is why cleansing is so helpful to point out these imbalances. Once we stop and look at what we are eating, we may notice foods that are overeaten.

Whether you are cleansing or not try the practice of writing down the foods you eat everyday for a week. What are the trends? What might you need to cut back on ? What might you need to include more of ?

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