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Gratitude Day 30 : 30 Days of Gratitude

I have to say, in many ways, I am grateful for a reprieve from the daily gratitude post, but it has also been an excellent discipline and learning process. Typically I write my morning pages every morning and move on with my day from there. But this month, I have had to stay put in my seat and write for another hour to get a Gratitude Post on iHanuman. And the fact that I am writing about gratitude has set the tone for the day. So I would like to keep as part of my daily ritual to contemplate what I am grateful for every day. It is also very possible to write a post every day and still get to work by 10am.

December with iHanuman is about "Getting it Out There". So I will gear my posts towards ways to get yoga out into the community as well as how to get grounded in yourself to make goals for the new year. Stay Tuned and Thanks for listening.


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