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Tomato SalsaAugust is this Pitta's favorite recipe month. Although, tomatoes are not the ideal fruit for my ayurvedic dosha, I indulge to the fullest when they are abundant and in season every year in August. Salsa is probably one of my ALL-TIME favorite foods. I love it because it is raw, colorful, salty, spicy, tangy, and even sweet. Also you can make salsa AND gazpacho at the same time:) Just dice the following ingredients:
Colorful TurbinsAhhh August! Summer begins to come to a close; a bittersweet feeling. But this also means the cool winds and vibrant colors of Fall are on their way. iHanuman is busy upgrading our website to offer our teachers and students new web features and communication tools, We hope to roll out our new features next month, September, so please stay tuned.
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