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Healing Moves Yoga

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A Mindful Practice for All Levels

A Mindful Practice for All Levels. Release Tension, Enhance Energy, Stretch and Strengthen Your Body. Relax Your Mind and Lift Your Spirits.
Healing Moves Yoga is an Audio Home Practice divided into five sections:
1. Centering and Breathing
2. Warm Ups
3. Standing Poses
4. Lying Down Poses
5. Relaxation
Feel free to do just one section, two, three, four or all five - depending on your time. Take it with you and practice anywhere!
Music from \"Bija: Music and Mantras for Yoga and Meditation\" by Todd Norian.

by: Beth Cholette
This 72-minute audio is divided into five sections which are designed to be used as separate, stand-alone practices or together for a longer yoga session. Instructor Carol Krucoff’s specialty is in creating individualized routines for those with health challenges and other limitations, and here she offers a slow, gentle practice appropriate for those new to yoga or otherwise requiring a more healing practice.The durations of the five segments vary from about 12 to 17 minutes (please see the exact time breakdowns at right). For the opening segment, Centering and Breathing, Krucoff has you lie on your back with knees bent as she slowly guides you through an in-depth focus on the breath. There is a definite meditative quality to this section, and it would work very well on its on to calm the mind at any time of the day, particularly just before bed. Next are the Warm Ups. Continuing to move at a measured pace, Krucoff remains on the floor for a series of very simple stretches. She involves the entire body, stretching out the neck, arms, legs, and ankles. Coming to a hands and knees position, Krucoff stretches the spine with several cat/dog tilts, and then she completes this segment with a bit of core work (knees in/out; balancing on opposite arm/leg). Standing Poses are introduced in the third segment. Krucoff begins here with a few sun breaths and then performs tree, palm tree, and puppy dog at the wall. She also does a dancing warrior pose which felt very similar to Viniyoga work. The fourth segment returns to the floor for Lying Down Poses. Here Krucoff leads you through some mild backbends, including modified locust, baby cobra, and dragonfly. Flipping over to your back, you’ll do bridge, a easy reclined twist, and then finish with dying bug. The final segment is Relaxation. For the first half of this section, Krucoff provides verbal instruction to assist you with setting up in relaxation posture; in particular, she cues you to focus on and then relax various areas of the body. Following this, she allows time for silent relaxation before concluding the practice in a seated position.As the name suggests, this is a quiet, soothing practice. Krucoff has a calming voice which is likely to leave you feeling relaxed and peaceful, whether you choose to do the entire practice or just a single section. The audio format is easy to follow, and the simple, basic nature of this session would make it appropriate for all levels of yoga students, including beginners.
Carol Krucoff Healing Moves Yoga
Healing Moves Yoga
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