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Gratitude Day 10: People on the Peaceful Path

Last night I listened to an interview and meditation with Susan Piver. And it made me grateful for people who are walking a peaceful path. This is not necessarily the path of least resistance, but a commitment to listen to your own truth while being compassionate to another's. In Buddhism, All Life Is Suffering. But I have been working with one of the Yoga Sutras that was introduced to me by Judith Lasater and was repeated this past weekend in John Schumacher's workshop. Heyam Dukham Anagatam which can be translated as "The suffering that is to come is to be avoided." This avoidance of suffering can come in many forms. But to me it comes back to listening to your own truth so that you can be comfortable and content. Bring into your life that which is peaceful and harmonious. Be compassionate to those around you. Everyone has their own pain that they are processing.

How will you avoid suffering today and be compassionate to others?


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