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Join Me for 90 Days of Yoga from the Solstice to the Equinox

I had so much fun with my 30 days of gratitude that I am commencing on another project, 90 days of yoga!�Â�  2011 marks the tenth year of my serious studies as a yoga student. And I will take back the seat of the teacher in the Spring of 2011! I finished my teacher training in 2004 and immediately began teaching. It was something I absolutely loved! But then we started iHanuman which took up a tremendous amount of time and energy and I could feel my energy for teaching begin to wane. I also had some personal healing to attend to.

At the end of 2008,�Â�  I decided to take a short sabbatical from teaching to go on a trip with my sister. I believed I would start again in the new year. When I returned from the month-long trip, I became engaged and then began the task of planning a wedding, a honeymoon and a new life with my sweet husband in addition to my work. But I have been feeling the gentle nudge to teach again and have been asked by several of my colleagues, so now it is time.

Additionally, I want to jump start my daily yoga practice. I have spent the last two years working on my own practice from a therapeutic standpoint. I have a sacroiliac injury that I just was not making the priority and needed to if I did not want it to worsen. In order to jump start the practice towards teaching, I need a focus and believe that if you can do anything for ninety days (some say 30) , you can make it a regular part of your daily life. Now, I practice some form of yoga every day already, but this will give me a renewed energy.

My plan is to share with you here about my daily practice.I also plan to use our incredible downloads to help me on my path. Not all of the classes will be iHanuman Downloads, but some of them will be. Other classes will be treasured DVDs that I have in my collection that I use regularly. Some will actually be live classes that I attend in my local community and some will be my own sequences as well as others sequences that I have practiced during my last 13 years as a student of yoga.

I appreciate the support and feedback of the community along the way. Part of this effort is to be accountable to my community. This is often a tool used to help people make changes in their lives. If you are accountable to someone or something outside of yourself, you are more likely to stick with your goals. So from December 21st to March 21st, join me in practicing yoga for 90 days. And head into the spring with a renewed sense of commitment to achieve all of your goals!


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