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September 2012: Autumn Blessings Update and New Recordings from Lois Steinberg, PhD

Lois Steinberg, PhD

Om Shanti. Shanti. Shanti. Peace. Peace. Peace.

We have been a little out of touch with our newsletter subscribers this summer. The firey energy of summer called us to create and continue our work on iHanuman 3.0. Now that the summer is winding down and we transition to fall, we turn our energies toward harvesting the fruits of our efforts.

As we put our new website into place, we spent time observing all of YOUR growth and movement during this time. So much has come into being since we launched the first version of iHanuman in the Fall of 2006. We have taken what we have learned and are so excited to offer it up to you all.

We have a little more time before we are ready to unveil. In the meantime, we continue to collect inspiring content from top teachers around the world and we could not resist sharing a few of these recordings with you. Visit Our Download Store for audio recordings of one of the most beloved Iyengar Yoga Teachers, Lois Steinberg, PhD.

New Live Audio Classes with Lois Steinberg, PhD: Lois is an Advanced Junior 2 certified Iyengar Yoga teacher from Urbana, Illinois with over 35 years of yoga study, practice, and teaching experience. Lois has studied extensively with the Iyengars in their general and medical classes. She organized the 1997 International Women's Intensive with Geeta S. Iyengar. Her most recent book, "Geeta's Guide to a Woman's Yoga Practice", includes over 850 photographs and detailed notes on the use of props, positioning, actions, and benefits for each pose. It is an essential reference for all teachers and serious practitioners. We are honored to offer you Lois' recordings. Listen Now!

From the Archives: Cora Wen on The Metal Element of Fall. Today is the last day of Late Summer, the Fifth Season in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Earth Element is substantial, pulling us with gravity back down to the ground to begin our turn inward towards the darkest night of the year, December 21st. But first, we must cleanse ourselves through the Fall. In this video, Cora Wen discusses The Metal Element. In TCM, the Metal Element governs our Lungs and Large Intestine and asks us to let go, cleanse and clear away what we no longer need in our lives so we can burst forth renewed in the spring. Watch Now!

Our new iHanuman Platform will be much more interactive as we share with you some exciting developments from our technology partners, BluewallMedia. Bluewall created new technology to search and aggregate the world wide web and developed innovative ways to encode and distribute media. It sounds pretty complicated, and IT IS! So we appreciate your patience as we forge new territory in the Digital Wild West. Our intention is to engage all of YOU! Our first project is to build the Asana Index and we NEED submissions from our community.

Help Us Build the Asana Index! Strike a pose and send us the photograph! This image of Halasana comes from Ottawa Yogini, Katie Love Little. Camera Shy? There are many ways to get involved. Here are just a few:

1. Purchase Downloads in Our Store. You support this website, the teachers you love, and several non-profits ALL at the same time!

2. Join iHanuman and have access to the web publishing tools of the New York Times!

3. Submit Your Recordings! We are always looking for fresh content.

4. Tell Your Friends about iHanuman! If you love all of the free content, help us spread the word!

5. Link to Our Website. Copy and Paste the iHanuman Logo Code from our Home Page! We REALLY appreciate your support!

Thank you for your patience as we undergo our transformation. As always, Contact Us and share your insights and feedback. We LOVE to hear from you and We SO appreciate your support.


Sara Miles Pope Agelasto

Co-Founder, iHanuman

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