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A Message from the Central Desert Aboriginals

A dear friend who has a strong, clear and constant connection with the Central Desert Aboriginals of Australia gave this message to me. I pass it on to you.
They asked us to look into the starry night sky and bring the starlight into your eyes. Feel the light coming through the top of your head and draw the light down through your body and through your feet and root the light into the earth. They say that the earth needs intensified and descending starlight energy very badly and that we can bring it down.
One interesting thing here is that this is a very special request because the Aboriginals rarely, if ever, ask people outside of the tribal circle to participate in ceremony. This is an honor and a wonderful meditation.
Here is another interesting consideration. It is said that to gaze into the starlight aids our DNA in a very positive way. It is said by some that the photons of starlight affect DNA.
You might check this website, perhaps the interview is still posted that speaks about starlight and DNA. The Science Program is called Quantum entanglement.  ABC Radio National 15 March 2008.
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