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What is A Yoga Asana


Asana is translated as Seat or to Sit Down.

Ultimately, we practice yoga poses to be able to sit comfortably and stably in meditation. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali define asana as sthira suhka asanam, "asana is comfortable and steady" and that "Perfection in an asana is complete when the effort to perform it becomes effortless and the infinite being within is reached."  - BKS Iyengar. We learn yoga poses to make the body more flexible and strong so that we can sit for extended periods of time and access the higher limbs of the Eight Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga: Dharana - Concentration, Dhyana - Meditation and Samadhi - Total Absorption. 

There are several different types of asana:

Standing Poses - Utthistha Sthiti

Seated Poses - Upavistha Sthiti

Forward Extension - Paschima Pratana Sthiti

Lateral Extension - Parivrtta Sthiti

Back Extension - Purva Pratana Sthiti

Inversions - Viparita Sthiti

Abdominal Poses - Udara Akunchana Sthiti

Restorative Poses - Visranta Karaka Asana

There are also poses which are appropriate for beginners and poses for more adept practitioners.  Please browse our asana index for images, video, audio and text on the various poses. We encourage you to become an iHanuman Student or Teacher and Contribute to Our Yogi-Sourced Asana Index!

Use this Asana Index as a Guideline. Practice Yoga Poses at Your Own Risk. 

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