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Spring Cleaning Your Practice

As we step into spring, we move forward out of darkness and into light. Flowers bloom and babies are born. It is a time of renewal.  If you're like me, there are times when your practice has become routine and lackluster. Stale. Even boring.  Use spring as a time to introduce a new sense of play and investigation into your practice.  Take this time to address a pose or series of poses that are challenging to you and approach them without attachment. I particularly like arm balances and inversions(who doesn't love a little handstand at the wall at impromptu moments?) but any remix of your old routine will do.  Always do triangle first? Maybe make a pact not to do it for the next week. Replace it with something less familiar, or better yet, replace it with a pose you tend to avoid (parvrtta trikonasana perhaps).
Whichever route you choose, remember to have a sense of compassion for yourself. You may fall. You may struggle. But shake it off with a laugh and continue to practice. Invite playfullness into your practice and watch it grow like a flower in the spring!


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