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iHanuman Newsletter November 2009

Little Altars EverywhereMy husband and I just returned from our honeymoon in Greece. As a novice traveling in Europe, everything was magnificent. I have been fortunate to have traveled extensively in Southeast Asia and Africa over the last decade and always knew I would explore Europe later in life. My schooling, and most traditional american college preparatory schools, expose you to ancient european history, so there was something familiar about Greece, but as we traveled something else began to strike me; a reverence for God with little altars everywhere. It is so clear when traveling in asian countries, but I was surprised and relieved to see familiar spirit houses, like you see all over Thailand. And the churches reminded me of temples. There was a peace and solace that amazed me.

The world became a whole notch smaller for me these last few weeks and I thought as we move into the quieter months of winter, now is the best time to reconnect with ourselves and our higher power. Think about where you practice your yoga. Is it a calming place to reconnect with yourself and your true nature? If not, why not? Why not create a space that inspires you on your spiritual path? iHanuman Yoga Teacher, Sara Avant Stover, has been creating videos to connect with her students, and she shares a little tour of her personal altar here. Be Inspired!

Spend some time with yourself during these next few months and reflect on the space you create. Let us know what inspires you. We'd love to hear from you!

No matter where you are this month, you can be assured that iHanuman is creating soothing audio and video to support you in your yoga practice. So be sure to come out of hibernation every once in a while this winter to collect new downloads for sacred space. This month, watch Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, Kino MacGregor's inspiring first yoga video, "A Journey, A Workshop". Next month look out for therapeutic video downloads from Lillah Schwartz, of Lighten Up Yoga.

Stay in touch, Stay Warm, and Stay Inspired.
Sara Miles Pope Agelasto
Managing Editor and Co-Founder, iHanuman.com

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