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Yogi-Sourcing - Contribute $3

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Yogi-Sourcing Three Bucks
Crowd Sourced Yoga - Contribute $3
Backshish Amount: 

Every penny counts when you are a small business. If you would like to contribute, but your funds are also low, we TOTALLY understand. $3 provides us a gallon of gas so we can travel to record high quality audio and video content with fantastic teachers around the globe. $3 is the cost of a fresh organic juice to keep us nourished on the road. We greatly appreciate your support. 

Yoga Journal Released the Top 10 Towns to practice Yoga in 2015. (We know. Another Top 10 List) But this list is actually compiled on some interesting statistical data and it is fascinating to follow the trends over time. For example, there are some obvious repeat offenders on this list (NYC, SF, Seattle and Washington DC). But there are 2 towns from Texas that are new to the list and we lost some of the East Coast Champions, like Philadelphia and Baltimore! Now of course, Yoga can be practiced anywhere, but we want to visit every one of these cities each year so we can help you get YOUR message out to the world! Help us reach our goal!

Our goal is a $3000 annual travel budget . This would allow us to visit each of the cities below to make killer content for our students and teachers.  

Top 10 Cities to Practice Yoga in 2015:

1. New York City, New York (Distance from iHanuman: 400 miles)

2. San Francisco, California (Distance from iHanuman: 3000 miles)

3. Los Angeles, California (Distance from iHanuman: 2520 miles)

4. Seattle - Tacoma, Washington (Distance from iHanuman: 3000 miles)

5. Austin, Texas (Distance from iHanuman: 1375 miles)

6. Chicago, Illinois (Distance from iHanuman: 700 miles)

7.Washington, DC (Distance from iHanuman: 200 miles

8. Portland, Oregon (Distance from iHanuman: 3000 miles)

9. Denver, Colorado (Distance from iHanuman: 1500 miles)

10. Houston, Texas (Distance from iHanuman: 1300 miles)

What do you think? Do you live near any of these big cities? Where is your favorite place to practice yoga? We want to know! Contact Us!

Donation Goal: 
$300.00 $600.00 $900.00 $1,200.00 $1,500.00 $1,800.00 $2,100.00 $2,400.00 $2,700.00 $3,000.00 $0.00
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