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7 Health Benefits of Ayurveda Spices

Since ages, Ayurveda has been using herbs and spices in making ayurvedic medicines but do you know why? Because of the surprising health benefits which may allure people to use them. Here are 7 health benefits of Ayurveda spices that you can incorporate.
Ayurveda remedies use a stew of herbs and spices to prepare ayurvedic medicine taught during Ayurveda Certification in India. The herbs and spices used in the preparation of ayurvedic medicine are a part of Indian, Chinese and Thai food as they have some amazing health benefits.
But it isn’t necessary that these herbs and spices can only be used as a medicine. They can also be used in Ayurveda cooking to prepare wholesome food. Such foods not only make your palette happy but also benefit you internally.
Let’s explore the health benefits of 7 Ayurveda spices that you can incorporate in your daily life:

1. Black pepper: Countries, where black pepper is an essential ingredient, is used either in the form of peppercorn or powder form. The antimicrobial compound of this spice keeps the food fresh. Apart from fresh food, vitamins and minerals rich spice is used to reduce inflammation, to improve absorption of nutrients, etc. Its anti-oxidant properties lower the risk of heart diseases as well as help fight cancer.

2. Cumin: The bitter and warm taste of this spice makes it a crucial ingredient of garam masala. It is always fried or roasted before the usage. It manages the blood sugar levels, the iron content in it fights anaemia. It contains thymoquinone which reduces inflammation and the agents that cause asthma. Cumin also has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties that prevent skin diseases. Moreover, it speeds up the metabolism and ensures a healthy menstrual cycle.

3. Curry leaves: These leaves are loaded with n number of health benefits. Curry leaves help you lose weight as they remove toxins from the body, the antioxidant property help in reducing the level of cholesterol, etc. It improves gastrointestinal health and eye disorders, reduces congestion in the nose and chest. The leaves fight against diabetes and maintain the level of glucose. It also cures morning sickness and nausea during pregnancy.

4. Fenugreek: It can be used as an herb as well as spice and has a sweet and bitter taste. This spice/herb is used to treat stomach and digestion disorders, mouth ulcers, sore throat, etc. Moreover, it helps in balancing cholesterol level and improves heart health, looks after the liver and kidney health and reduces appetite, etc. It is beneficial for breastfeeding mothers as it increases the production of milk.

5. Coriander: Indian kitchen uses coriander mostly for garnishing. But even then it passes its benefits to the individual. Coriander has antiseptic, antifungal and antioxidant properties that relieve you from skin disorders. Borneol and linalool compound in coriander help in bowel movements and treats diarrhea. It also controls diabetes, cures conjunctivitis and enhances bone health. Moreover, it protects the body from salmonella infection which may cause foodborne diseases.

6. Clove: It is popularly used as a flavoring agent across the globe. Clove has anti-mutagenic and anti-microbial properties which help in fighting oral diseases such as tooth decay and bad breath. The chemo-preventive property helps in fighting cancer. It manages sugar level in the body, improves immunity, protects the liver against infections, etc.

7. Cinnamon: This powerful therapeutic spice not only smells good but also has fascinating health benefits. It has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties that protect the body from harmful germs and pathogens. It lowers the blood sugar as well as blood pressure levels in the body. It also boosts memory and cognitive functions. It decreases the level of cholesterol and triglycerides which reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 
These are just a few Ayurveda spices that are used in Ayurveda for their incredible health benefits. For enhanced knowledge on the same enroll for Ayurveda Certification in India. Moreover, if you want to dig deep into the secrets of Ayurveda cooking enroll for Ayurveda cooking courses in India.


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