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What are the Advantages of Doing Hatha Yoga?

Hatha yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word Hatha when broken down means ‘force’. Hatha yoga is a form of yoga where we gain control of our body, attaining spirituality. Some describe it as the alignment of our body in correspondence towards the cosmos and having a deep understanding of the human body mechanism. Using different yogic postures it helps to manipulate the body and enhance our approach towards life. Some of the early Hatha yoga were considered to be practiced around 11th century. Its main purpose is to gain ‘mukti’ that means freedom and gain spiritual prowess.

The different postures that we practice in Hatha yoga make our body quite flexible and help us to go beyond the limitations of our physical structure. Its help us to break the boundaries and make our body, not a hurdle but a gateway towards happiness, joy, contentment and well being. Yoga teacher training in India offers some of the best courses in Hatha yoga. There are various yoga centers in India that offers different types of yoga classes and courses. Yoga teacher training in India is also a nice place to start exploring yoga. The different courses offered in yoga teacher training in Rishikesh provides a wide range of option and the serenity and ambience of the place make it even more attractive. Here are some of the benefits and advantages associated with Hatha yoga.

It increases immunity: When we practice Hatha yoga, we stretch and contract our muscles, there is movement of our organs which in turn amplify the drainage of the lymph. This helps the lymphatic system dispose of toxic waste, fights cancerous cells and infection hence making our immune system stronger.
Helps in maintaining a healthy heart: Regular practice of Hatha yoga can help mitigate high blood pressure. It also reduces anginal episode in a cardiovascular patient. It improves blood circulation, helping the heart pump blood smoothly and also improves the blood flow to the heart.

Good balance and posture:  Practicing yoga is a major advantage in shaping up one's body. Since Hatha yoga is associated with gaining control of the body, it gives you extra flexibility of your body, helping in keeping you a good balance and posture. It makes you stand a little taller and gives you self confidence in every aspect.
Increases bone density:  Certain weight-bearing poses help reserve bone loss in people suffering from osteopenia and osteoporosis. Daily practice can help immensely in building up density in femur and spine.
Give you clear and blissful countenance:  As your body is cleansed from the inside, the result is reflected on the face. Your skin is radiant and your face starts to glow. If the body is healthy from the inside you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.
Boost up digestion: Digestion is the key to good health. If your digestive system is good you will feel healthier and active. Hatha yoga boosts up your body’s metabolism and resuscitates your digestive system.
Builds up your inner strength: Certain Hatha yoga poses target the centre of your body.  This builds strength in the core. It also strengthens your muscles and spine making your body flexible and agile.
So, overall Hatha yoga helps us in making our body physically and mentally well toned. It also helps us in abstaining from our cravings of alcohol, smoking, drugs, overeating, oversleeping and so on. It is advisable that people should practice yoga more often as we are all living our lives on a fast pace making us grow old faster. Yoga also gives us access towards our spirituality helping us remain calm and composed all the time.

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