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iHanuman Newsletter April 2009

Spring Cherry BlossomsJoyful Spring to You!

The season of Spring represents the Wood Element and we are reminded with each new conscious breath; each inhalation brings a new earthy scent. If you pause, you can literally feel the earth moving beneath your feet and all around you. Buds and shoots push themselves from the ground in anticipation of the warmth and sunlight to come.

Spring brings forth a bounty of green leafy vegetables - cleansing and rich in nutrients providing us with exactly what we need after a long cold winter. The body can also feel stiff so eat lightly and cleanse the body from the heavier foods of winter. Practice pranayama and gentle twists to wake the body from its winter hibernation. Be kind to yourself and to your body.

Spiritually we can practice saucha or cleanliness, purifying the body, the mind and our environment. Clearing the dead of winter from the newness of spring.

This month we are honored to offer you an i