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iHanuman Newsletter May 2009

This month we offer you a special interview with California Yogini, Heather Tiddens. Listening to her Interview and viewing photographs of Heather reminds us of the goddess energy present within all beings. And with Mother's Day just passing, Heather's gentle spirit is reminiscent of the nurturing energy provided by women, mothers and Earth sisters. She helps us remember the importance of being kind to ourselves, to our friends and family, and to the Earth, the ultimate nurturer.

Get grounded with your earth energy this month. Celebrate practices that honor the Earth and each one of us as inhabitants and caretakers of the Earth. Plant your feet on the earth, perhaps even a little wider than usual, and feel the energy of this planet as it moves through your soul.

Spiritually, we can practice santosha or contentment, being happy with what is. Not allowing our desire for more cause us to take more than we need. Be mindful of your impact on the earth and enjoy life's simple pleasures. Dance with the song of the birds and breathe in deeply the clean spring air.

This month we are honored to offer you an interview with Ojai, California Yogini, Heather Tiddens. Next month look out for new live yoga classes with Stephanie Keach and John Schumacher. We hope you enjoy!

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