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Reflect, Renew, Rest, Restore and Reset in Early 2019

New Year Restorative

Dear Friends,

Last month, we emphasized staying centered and grounded within as we transition through the darkest time of year. We are on the other side of the winter solstice, but wintertime encourages us to remain reflective and drawn in, not to overextend ourselves as our energies are different at this time of year. Continue to take advantage of the shorter days and longer nights. Go to bed early and encourage deep rest during the remaining few weeks of winter.

We have transitioned into the Water time of year. With the extreme cold temperatures outside and the dry heat indoors, we need to pay particular attention to dehydration both internally and externally. In addition to consuming adequate water, Winter is the ideal time to consider oiling your body with a quality organic coconut or sesame oil to keep it protected from external dry heat (and cold wind).

Stay warm in winter by not only bundling up but also keep up with your movement practices and warm up the body. Keep the fluids moving as you enjoy winter walks, cross country or downhill skiing, in addition to your yoga practice. Use your yoga practice to create an inner heat. Senior Teacher, John Schumacher, emphasizes Backbends during the winter time to create internal heat.

Now is also a great time to take an inventory. What in your life, personally and professionally, is working? What is no longer useful? What do you choose to keep your focus on this year and what can you let go of? Now is great time to make changes for the better.  I choose to do an annual cleanse every January and this helps me to stay clear on what I am consuming, both physically and mentally. It helps me look at what is nourishing my growth and what is hindering it? Take some time for writing and reflection this month so you can move into the new year with a renewed sense of focus and clarity.

With clear, warm regards,
Sara Agelasto

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