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Autumn 2011: Cora Wen on the Metal Element and Pranayama from the Outerbanks

Cora Wen in Pascimottanasana

We Are Under the Hood of the NEW iHanuman Website. We have a little more work to do, but we have DEFINITELY been Out and About recording new Yoga Media! This summer we Dreamed and Grew. Now it's Time to Reap, Harvest and Let Go! The Autumn season reminds us that we CANNOT do EVERYTHING and We CAN let go of our own timeline to open to something BIGGER. We need a little more time to unveil our NEW site, but we hope you will PRACTICE PATIENCE with us.

In the meantime, Watch our New Video Feature:The Metal Element of Autumn with Cora Wen.Filmed Live in Leesburg, Virginia. Cora shares her experience of the Metal Element . The full workshop will be available later this year on iHanuman. Watch Now!

And CHECK OUT The FIRST in Our From the Studio Series! Vicorious Breath with Ashtanga OBX's, Michelle Dorer. Filmed By Our Fantastic Summer Intern! (Would You Like To CONTRIBUTE to iHanuman? See BELOW and CONTACT US to Learn More!) Filmed as Part of Our From the Studio Series, Michelle Dorer teaches us how to practice Ujjayi Breathing. Michelle is the Founder and Director of the Ashtanga Yoga Center in Nags Head, NC. Watch Now!

New Live Class Downloads! If you have not checked out John Schumachers' Live Class Recordings! It is About TIME YOU DID! They continue to get better and better. What a wonderful way to study the yoga you love when you cannot always be near your teacher. Check Out our Latest Yoga Downloads Now!

Upcoming Recording with Andrey Lappa! The Universal Yoga Founder is on Tour for the next couple of months in the US! iHanuman is honored to record Andrey during his auspicious visit. Look for him in a town near you and Look for recordings on the NEW iHanuman Website.

Are You A Teacher? Would you like to write about Yoga? Are you ready to record YOUR Yoga Classes? Do You Own or Manage a Studio? Would You Like to Know More about Recording your Studio Classes and Broadcasting with iHanuman? Are You A Student? Would You Like to Spread the Word about the TEACHERS you love? We Think of ALL of You EVERY DAY in our effort to provide you with the BEST Yoga Media Platform on the Web. PLEASE CONTACT US and TELL US what YOU would like to see more or less of on the NEW

Thanks for helping to build the bridge with iHanuman.


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